dinsdag 4 september 2018

yet another market ...

Sunday was a lovely sunny
September day !
That was good for the Art Market in Hoorn : many visitors
(lots of them by bike, which is normal in Holland  ;-) !)

The organization of  "Hoorn Kunst & Cultuur" did a good job
with many people to help us show the way.
(and what surely helped was free parking in town !)

Daughter and I had enough time to place
all the items (this time a lot of paintings) on our stand.

She had this great idea to bring her spinning wheel :
sooo many people, especially children,
loved it and listened to her explaning
how this miracle works.

Though I didn't sell many things,
we had lovely conversations,
many compliments
and I had some very lovely customers.
I wish them happy times with their purchases.


This little dragon-lady for instance
will be waiting for a new baby !

(I hope she or he will be as brave as this one !)


This Saturday there will be yet another market :

in Amerongen.

(on that same weekend is also
"Open Monuments Day" )

This time Man and  will go together again.

We hope for a bit of sunshine 
(and some happy customers)

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  1. Reacties
    1. Not so easy Mo ... (always too much, so there are things that stay in the box) ;-)

  2. Jullie hebben het er maar druk mee. Je stand zag er weer heel mooi en professioneel uit en wat een mooi kleurrijk spinnewiel heeft je dochter. Schitterende “dragonlady” trouwens.

    1. Ja, dat heb je Els als je zelf geen winkeltje hebt (en stoppen met maken is geen optie ... dat is mijn manier van leven ha, ha) Het is een "gewoon" Ashford wiel, maar ze heeft het zelf geverfd omdat ze 'm te saai vond ;-)

  3. Such a beautiful stall! Your paintings are magical x