zondag 30 september 2018

preparations and more ...

This is the last day of September
so tomorrow I'll start with my
October challenge :

to make a textile jewel, each and every day, 
to sell for the benefit of Pink Ribbon !

I truly hope that I'll manage to keep it up
for the whole month :
my back still gives me trouble
(even when I have the stitching on my lap or on the table)
I haven't been felting yet either.
October is October
so I'll do my best !

Working on the sewing machine might be a solution
so I took put my box with shiny rayon thread

(there is even more)

and made a start on water soluble fabric !

More than a week ago I was still stitching on
Mo's pennant
that was with water soluble too!

There was paper under this one.

(b.t.w. :  the pennant is finished and on it's way to Australia !)

So for now I think I have a plan
what to make of this month's jewels.
Let's find out tomorrow !!!

That leaves the wonderful exhibition Man and I went to
last Thursday in Rotterdam :
Dutch fashion designers

(today was the last day of this fantastic show)

When we were on the boat, I realized that
I forgot to take my camera ... but since I recently
"inherited" the old smartphone of our granddaughter
I was able to take some pictures after all !

(the original ánd the doll model !)



"Wearable art"

details of (more) amazing craftsmanship

"Performance of sculptures"

(again : the normal dress and the doll model dress)

There was lots and lots more,
and it was a privilege to see all of it from so close !

(hope to see you tomorrow for my first jewel !)

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