zondag 10 mei 2020

garden problem solved

We had a bit of a problem in the garden :
when the terrace was raised
it appeared that the drain of the downspout
didn't work properly.
(and we couldn't find where it went :
under our house or the neighbour's ...)
But that wasn't a big problem since it was dry for weeks on end.

it finally started to rain
Hmmmm the galvanized basin would surely be enough ...

 NOT !!!
After one heavy shower
it filled up very quickly and overflowed !
(we had to carry buckets to the water next to our garden, and it filled up again !)
We could hardly imagine
that  MUCH  WATER coming from the roof !!!

Between showers we "fixed" it
with some makeshift solution we managed to bring the water
to the stairs
pffffffffffft !

(but that rain was great for the garden :
everything lush and green !)

But finally yesterday
(in the bright sunshine again)
things were really solved !

First a mess,
and after some time the terrace was whole again !

So I used my mother's day to clean up and rearrange some things.
(see : our christmas tree waiting to "serve" another year)

I also replanted a rosemary bush
in front of the fence.
It will take some years before we have a nicer and greener fence
but I'm working on it !

My pride tall Alliums

(I'm waiting for the lower and darker "Purple Sensation")

The bluebells are gone (only seed heads remain)

and are being replaced by Ajuga reptans

Just beginning :

Sambucus nigra
(a variety with dark leaves and pink flowers)

finally had time during the rainy days to make
my birthday-puzzle

(shopping in the garden center)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) Yay for getting the downpipes and drainage sorted, love your Alliums, it's too hot to grow them here in Sydney, another plant to grow when we move to the mountains!

  2. Ahhhhh Mo the amount of water that came from the roof (two roofs in fact) was amazing !!!
    Yeah, I know some lovely (sub) tropical plants WE can't grow hahaha ! Ahhhh, will be lovely when you move to the mountains ;-)

  3. Eine richtige grüne Oase und der regen tut wohl gerade überall gut. Es könnte sogar ein bisschen mehr sein ;O) Tolle Lösung mit eurer Regenrinne.
    Lieben Inselgruß

    1. Ja, Kerstin, viiieeel Regen auf einmal, nachdem es wochenlang trocken war ...(musste am Anfang sogar giessen geben weil ich soviele Planzen umgepflanzt hatte)