vrijdag 8 mei 2020

straight lines

The Textile Artist.Org stitching challenge
continued for another week

who works mixed media, not only textiles,
had a very "strict" exercise :
repeating a "round" shape in a square (5x5cm)
defining the shape and the negative "rest-space"
in stitched straight lines
(first on paper, later in stitch)

Christine started with a wavy shape and I did that first,
but soon had other shapes too
like a full circle and a heart.

I decided to take some quiet gray as background
and why not bright yellows to go with it ?

my first "sunny" attempt

I noticed on the FB page that many stitchers
couldn't stop at four little shapes.
When you start thinking and drawing
there are so many possibilities ...
so I decided right away to make another one !

nearly there ...
still to do the outside.

a fun exercise.
(especially thinking about "rest-space" !)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) love your explorations, especially the long stitch heart on the lower right hand corner in the last photograph!

    1. I'm sure I will use this experience some time, Mo, I mean showing something without stitching it ... (am I clear ?)

      (that heart has more straight lines in between the running stitch now too)

    2. (((Els))) I was having a dyslexic moment... I am in love with the lower left hand side heart & look forward to seeing where these take you next!

  2. Hi Els, have finally added myself to the Stitch Challenge FB - Christine is my lovey tutor at Studio 11, I wouldn't be anywhere near where I have got to creatively without her. I love your wavy lines, isn't it interesting seeing what everyone has done in this challenge. I've not taken part so far, one thing too many!
    Off to the garden - aren't we lucky, still, with the weather? xx

    1. ((Kat)) it doesn't matter when ...! It will be available long after this !!! It is really inspiring to see what everyone does : gives you so many new ideas ;-)
      Must be inspiring with Christine ...
      YES ! so lucky with the sunshine in the garden (and today the drainpipe drain was restored : not a basin full of water that we had to empty with every shower !!!)

  3. Like your explorations. They are very interesting. I´m following on Facebook but didn´t start yet. Too many other things to do. But you are right, we have time.
    Hope you are well. xx