donderdag 21 mei 2020

stitches by machine and hand

This sunny week started
with a "bunting-day"
because our youngest grandson
came to us from school on his birthday !
(special vegan brownies by granddad)

The new backpack as a present needed
a bit of a personal touch !

A bit of sketching,
a trick to transfer it to the felt
and then I took my machine out to stitch.

Here the result ready to insert into the plastic sleeve
in the flap of the bag !
(Hands off)
One happy boy

Because the free challenges of are now finished
(and it goes on as a subscription per month)
it doesn't mean that there is no more stitching !

There was one piece in the challenges I liked very much :
blue, and there were lots of leaves in it
and a lot of stitching!
I asked the South-African lady if it was okay
if I used the leaves too.

So on my normal glue-stitched background
I added some leaves
and started stitching as usual.

Done !
(I like the result, though it's not totally mine)

The challenge of Christine Chester
was sent to a dear hard working health-care friend,
with 5 older stitched pieces to thank more people.

Sunny days
so the garden needs water !
But then
you get something !

Iris germanica

I heard once that you don't have to be too nice to those bearded irises :
we weren't very nice with all the digging for the new fence,
was surprised they even survived ...
love the result !

4 opmerkingen:

  1. They are the same ?? the purpel Iris and the look like more bleu one ?

    1. Ahhhh I wish they weren't Maria .... then I would have another variety (hahaha) In fact the real colour is somewhere in between ...
      Always difficult to take pictures of blue and purple in the garden : depends a LOT on the background !

  2. (((Els))) love your autumn cloth collage, the heart quartet & that beautiful blue iris!

    1. YOUR season right now, Mo ! Didn't intend to make it that way : just loved the red scraps, And that gorgeous (dusty old pink) shot cotton !