zaterdag 27 juni 2020

a kiss ?

There was (another) workshop in the STITCH CLUB
After observing and stitching the eye in April,
it was the turn of the mouth now.

- Taking pictures
- making sketches on paper
- sketches on fabric
- observing
- stitching.

Again it was asked to use a minimal
colour range.
Black, two grays and white,
two medium colours instead of the grays.

I opted for very dark red (no black)
raspberry, a dirty pink and a lighter one
and a very pale pink/beige (no white)

When I was taking the pictures I was tempted to picture 
this widespread bad habit of needlewomen
to put pins in their mouth
(for later, for safekeeping ???) 

Making sketches on fabric isn't easy ...
so I taped both paper and fabric to the window
and traced the sketches.

Sewing thread is used for the stitching
or just one strand of embroidery floss.
(I like floss best)

Mission completed

It was really FUN !

Remember that Hippeastrum
in the garden ?

six flowers on one stalk !!!

And it will take only a week or so
and the Allium sphaerocephalon
will be purple all over

8 opmerkingen:

  1. love your Kiss and that red Hippeastrum is fabulous, look forward to seeing your Alliums in all their purple glory!

    1. ((Mo)) that was some enormous shower after some hot days and the Hippeastrum didn't like that very much : I cut of two of the biggest, but there are still four now :-D

  2. Ohhh, I haven't been paying attention! Your nigella is really lovely - one of my favourite flowers too, I remember being delighted as a teenager to discover that a flower was called "love in a mist". And your lip stitches are really good, very expressive and full of character. You truly are enjoying these workshop aren't you?
    Your garden flowers look as though they are thoroughly enjoying this sunny weather and rewarding you - are the weeds being as enthusiastic? I know mine are :-)

    1. ((Kat)) it is sooo lovely to make the flowers you love "stay a little bit longer"
      The workshops are great fun, and inspiration (that little push that I need sometimes ...)

  3. Bin ja wieder begeistert, auch von der tollen Blüte.
    Lieben Inselgruß

    1. ((Kerstin)) danke dir !
      Die Hippeastrum war von vorletztes Jahr, und hat letztes Jahr nicht geblüht .... aber jetzt !!!

  4. Oh wie spannend!
    Ein Stich könnte den ganzen Ausdruck verändern.
    Herzlichst, Angela

    1. ((Angela)) Es sollten auch möglichst wenig Stiche sein !
      (probier mal ein par Bilder nur von deinem Mund zu machen ... oh, manche in der Gruppe waren gar nicht zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis hahaha)