dinsdag 22 september 2020


 The sun is still nice and warm

but we have much more shadow on the terrace

and the lights go on a lot earlier

in short :

autumn !

For Clarissa Callesen's workshop

I made a lot more "potatoes and carrots"

in a colour range from whitish, through gold, to brown.

Then I got ideas about placement :

I wanted the long ones standing upright ...

and that's when the trouble started

(because they can't stand up on their own !)

so I just began pinning and stitching them.

I made a new piece : a thick curved one to hold my bunch of sticks

and that worked just fine  :-)

Nearly finished now


Still a few days to enjoy the summer sunshine
then the rain is coming ...

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the balancing point of the equinox

  2. I love your gathering together of "potatoes and carrots", they achieve a wonderful delicate balance. And I've been really interested by her work too - not an artist I've come across before, a whole new way of looking at things

    1. Yes Kat, she was new to me too, but I like her sculptural way of working with textiles ! (I'm surely not done with the technique she uses ... ideas that I hope to work out, though it will be a BUSY next month !)

  3. Hey Els! Your Pink Ribbon pins this year are wonderful! (as always) I especially like day #5...so earthy and rich. Love your potatoes and carrots are so fun :)
    And it must be spider web season, Peggy at Tanglewood Threads posted some lovely webs as well! Take care.

    1. ((Nancy)) thank you so much !
      The workshops are great inspiration, but right now there are other things on my mind and in my hands, but that's fine : an important cause !!! Take care you too !