woensdag 30 september 2020

Pinktober trouble ...?

Though today is the last day of September
the start of my PINK  RIBBON Challenge is near.
I started making tiny felted pieces
that are the base for my Textile Jewels !

2020  has been a strange year !

The Corona virus (Covid-19) has made us,
all over the world, aware "how fragile we are"
Our "normal" society and "normal" behaviour have almost come to a halt.
So many things have stopped
visits, birthday parties, concerts, performances, markets, work . . .
And  so many unlucky people had to deal with this illness.

BUT : breast cancer hasn't stopped either !
So, although I hesitated a bit if I should do it again this year,
I decided to again make a Textile Jewel every day of October
and sell them to collect money for PINK RIBBON,
the organization  that needs funds for the research into
new and better breast cancer treatment methods and aftercare


there are problems with shipping abroad !!!

Since January this year
it is forbidden to send anything other than just paper in an envelope !
(new international mail arrangements !!!  Grrrrrrr !)
That means I have to send (however light the jewels weigh)
them as a package for customers abroad ,
which means of course, that it costs much more money :
€ 7.50 in Europe,  the US even € 11.-

HOWEVER : if my customers abroad buy
more than one Textile Jewel
I can easily send them all together    ;-) 

I hope all those lovely people
who helped me raise money for Pink Ribbon for six years now
won't abandon me this time 

I hope to see you tomorrow
for the first Textile Jewel !

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