zondag 10 januari 2021


Ten days into the new "better, healthier" year
and no sign of relaxation of the Corona (Covid) measures
pffffft . . . so be it.

In the Stitch Club
we just go on stitching !

Mandy Pattullo's "bird-workshop" was loved by many !
In my head is still a to-do-list
of more birds.
(and I will be counting birds in the garden
for the national bird-count, two weekends from now !)

But there were two more birds already,
one of them my all time favorite wish-bird :
the kingfisher !
Years ago, when we just moved to this place,
I saw a bright blue flash on the other side of the water
that runs along our garden :
that could only mean one thing, a kingfisher.
(usually not a bird that's often seen here in the west,
more so in the east of our country near streams with high sandy banks)

On internet are lots and lots of wonderful pictures of birds,
easy enough to get a good look at them.
for this one I used a bigger size background than the robin(s)
and the crested tit,
20 x 30 cm (+seams)

sketches from photographs

Adding some lace and tulle to the background

Then came the fiddly bit of stitching
all the tiny snippets in place.

I took some good pictures in our garden !

So . . .
there will be more birds in the future


Another robin was already made !

16 opmerkingen:

  1. How lovely your birds are Els, so delicate and right in your choice of colours, but all those little bits of fabric - did you use glue stitch? And how wonderful to have an occasional kingfisher at the bottom of your garden. We get plenty of different birds in ours, but are nowhere near water, apart from our little pond of course, but that is just a little tiny waterworld, of great interest to the cats, but not much else. We too have a national bird count in the UK. I shall set the man to watching from his point in the conservatory, provided the cats don't steal the two chairs for their own comfort!!

    1. ((Kat)) No glue stick but indeed glue STITCH first, when all the pins are out and all is secure, than comes the fun stitching of the feathers :-)
      That kingfisher was just a blue flash : it couldn't have been any other bird !
      Good luck counting and keeping the cats in check haha

  2. Liebe Els, was für schöne Vögel! Ich bin ganz verzaubert. Wundervolle Arbeiten!

    1. ((Jana)) Danke dir :-)
      Ich hab bei dir das wunderschöne Gemälde bewundert und sofort die Künstlerin aufgesucht ! LG !

  3. Happy new year! Those birds are amazing, happy little creatures.

  4. Such beautiful intricate birds, really delightful.

    1. ((Hazel)) Thank you !
      Though I LOVE colour I will try a blackbird and starling too ;-)

  5. Das ist ja wundervoll Els. So schöne Vögel. Bin begeistert.

    1. ((Doris)) danke dir, es ist eine sehr lustige Arbeit und meine Liste ist noch lang hahaha !

  6. Przeuroczy, uwielbiam zimorodki. Też kiedyś popełniłam filcowego.

    1. Thanks !!! I LOVE them too (the felted one was sold !)

  7. So beautiful Els! I like the way you've painted with cloth :)