donderdag 21 januari 2021

kantha with other bits

We have stormy days here.

(on this hopeful day in the US)
we had a birthday boy with hugs from far away,
today a dear friend's birthday, also with hugs from far away :
that's the way birthdays are right now !

After the kantha design was stitched
Stewart gave the new suggestion to also use bits of fabric.

So the first (discarded) design I now used for that.
Reds and pinks, why not

The bit of red silk was "secured"
with interfacing ironed on against fraying !

The original sketch

After this one I still thought that the other sketch
was better suited for it
so e new cut out and more bits of fabric

Bigger bits of fabric and different stitches used too.

It was fun to do in the end
but not really "my cup of tea"

8 opmerkingen:

  1. interesting I like the boldness of the first one with the red silk!

    1. ((Mo))
      (some workshops are more appetizing than others)

  2. another lovely pair of stitched pieces, both work really well and both a very you, even it they aren't your cup of tea. How lovely to be using both scraps and your own hand dyed silk (on the other piece) as well. I keep looking at my various bits of hand dyed fabric and putting them away again - must try harder ;-)

    1. Kat, I remember a workshop with aa esteemed textile artist, who convinced us to USE that most precious bit of fabric instead of putting it back again, because there will be another most precious piece after that ! ;-)
      It is really fun to use my own hand dyed silk threads !

  3. Es ist immer sehr spannend, bei dir zu schauen.
    Wie meisterhaft sich Stoffe und Stiche ineinander fügen, herrlich !!!
    Herzlichst, Angela

    1. Danke dir Angela, ich bin froh dass ich doch weiter gemacht habe :-)
      (auch von etwas dass nicht so ganz prima ist kann man was lernen)

  4. Ich schicke dir wieder bewundernde Inselgrüße, du bist ein wahre Künstlerin!!!

    1. Danke dir Kerstin, aber ich muss noch dazu lernen ;-)