zondag 31 januari 2021

first month, last day

Ohhhhh yes :
time flies

Another month in lockdown
though daughter visits from time to time
(a good bait is the sauna we have in our home !)
She also took her latest knitting project with her :

A top-down jumper,
the main colour and the extra colours in the yoke
were specially dyed for her by a friend
(I limit it to just knitting socks nowadays !)

But today we were also counting birds
with help of the youngest grandson.
Fresh seed in the birdfeeder might have helped a bit :
there were lots of birds to count !!!

(and later, while mum was in the sauna,
we played some games too)


I realized that I totally forgot the fun object I made
for Richard McVetis' workshop,
not from a picture this time but from my own scribble.
I made three different ones 10 x 10 cm.

three pieces nearly finished


Richard made cubes of woolen fabric that he embroidered,
but for a cube you need 6 squares
and I only had three
(and didn't want to make three more)
another hexahedron for me
a double three sided pyramid
like the ones I made out of paper
(like those by the Dong people in China)

The finished end result !

The upcoming STITCH CLUB workshop
is eco printing, by Caroline Nixon.
I hope this time I get some results with this technique that I like 
. . .

8 opmerkingen:

  1. love your experiments in 3D and your daughter's knitting is looking beautiful!

    1. YES, 3D was really fun option !
      Daughter is really GOOD :-)
      (she teaches others too)

    Deine Bilder sind so inspirierend, dass man auch gleich loslegen
    möchte. ( Leide fehlt mir gerade mein linker Daumen :(
    Aber ich weiß ja wo ich schauen kann, wenn es wieder geht.
    Herzliche Grüße, Angela

    1. Ahhh Angela, dass ist nicht schön : hoffentlich geht es dir bald wieder besser, so dass du wieder dein schönes Filz und andere Sachen machen kannst !
      (und danke dir ;-) !)

  3. your sinuous seams and stitches pair beautifully with the hard edges of the hexahedron ...

    1. Thanks Liz, I was glad that I thought of this purpose for the stitched squares !

  4. Els ... tijd te kort , of anders besteed.... krijg er ook héél veel zin in , maar zal wellicht ... tijd anders besteden , groetjes

    1. Hahaha ! ((Maria)) Ik ken dat (sinds ik met penstoen ben . . . en dat is al een aardig poosje)