maandag 22 februari 2021

a BIG difference

When I think of this last weekend
and the one before that
. . . . .
there couldn't be a greater difference :
in temperature
and the activities outside !
One was   WINTER  
the next was   SPRING  

You can hardly imagine a  BIGGER  difference in one week  !!!

For the Stitch Club this week had a workshop by Jude Kingshott
and she designed for us to make a small book
out of cotton organdie
(which is rather transparent)
with coloured shapes and neat stitching in it.

Well, that organdie was a problem for many of us :
it is not a material that is normally in your stash,
but of course you could use any other materials
that you did have at home.

I was thinking and planning
when I had a conversation with another Stitch-member
and then I suddenly remembered the dark purple table runner
that I bought years ago just for the strange fabric : cotton organdie !
Together with some greenish stretchy fabric
and my home dyed silk thread I could make a start.

My first page

Some other pages of the final booklet
It was very special to work on such thin material
where you can see trough one page to the next.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow spring has truly sprung with wild enthusiasm up there and love the translucence in your finely stitched book!

    1. ((Mo)) spring has indeed gone wild !!!
      Ha, that's NATURE !!!!!