zaterdag 13 februari 2021

ice ... and stitch ... and dye


and The Netherlands goes crazy !

Though there are still a lot of restrictions
due to Corona (Covid)
everybody wants to take part in the ice fun !!!!!
Ice skating is HOT here !

For me it was a great opportunity
to prune some branches of the Buddleja and Malus (wild apple)
that hung too far over the water to reach from the garden !

So yesterday I was out on the ice with my garden shears
(earlier the sun was out but just then it was bitter cold !)

Ha, later the sun was back
and it all looks a lot friendlier

(some more needs to be taken off)

And because the sun gave a lot of depth to the stitching
I made another picture of the finished eco-printed linen piece

Now I "only" have to make the A4 book
for which this will be the front cover.

Then, today,
just when I was ready to start a new eco-print lay-out,
family arrived !
So much fun to be able to use the back door, haha !

Time for the boys to put on skates
and for me to make some tea and hot chocolate
and find some cookies.

FUN for everyone !

After they were gone I had time for the printing
but also for some snow dyeing
(a first for me)

The first lay-out and the result after steaming

the end result
(already dry because it is very thin silk)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) love your stitched and eco printed linen book cover, the silk scarf is a beauty and seeing the fun of your a winter wonderland. Deep bow to you pruning in the icy cold, you are such a good gardener!

    1. ((Mo)) the stitching was such fun to do and the new scarf has really wonderful prints : it works so well on silk !
      It is a true wonderworld for us too : so few winters with ice and snow lately . . .
      Daughter helped me a bit today to do the last pruning : the stack is twice as high now. But I'll keep a lot of the stronger Buddleja branches for support for other plants in summer :-)

  2. How amazing to suddenly have a "road" at the bottom of your garden where there was just water, and how convenient for your pruning. I agree with Mo though, you are a dedicated gardener to be out in that chill. Your eco print scarf is just delicious, the colour so rich and the prints so clear. I wonder what happened with the snow dyeing though? Not something I've tried, we don't get a lot on the South coast!

    1. ((Kat)) that is always fun : from the garden directly on the ice, we've had that a few times (not as many as we wanted ... ) Two years ago I was simply too late to do the pruning (and probably the ice not strong enough) The snow dyeing turned out a little pale, but might use (and show) it later.