zaterdag 6 februari 2021

eco - printing

Almost ten years ago
I did a felting workshop with the Australian felter
Pam de Groot
combined with eco-printing.
I loved Pam's work and didn't think too much
about the eco-printing.
It turned into a real flop, a failure
and it took quite some time
before I finished the little waistcoat I made there.
Later I tried on my own
but never had any great success with eco-printing.

Until this Stitch Club workshop of
Caroline Nixon
came along !

Wonderful thorough explanations
in her long video !
A LOT of preparations were needed before I could start.

preparing the second bundle
(with the first I was too busy to take pictures hahaha)

A big old pot from the thrift store

Unwrapping the first bundle later that night,
picture with and without leaves.

And the second one,
on two long strips next to each other.

Still wet (so darker) but definitely :

When washed and dry
there will be some stitching on them !!!

But before I had time for that
there was first another bird to finish :
my colourful Jay !
I love that shy bird that visits the peanut garland
in our garden.
(and surprises us with new little oak trees
of forgotten acorns !)

(a little bit brighter, but why not !)

8 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) love your Jay bird and look forward to seeing your beautiful stitching in combination with the eco prints!

    1. ((Mo)) thanks, stitching on one is finished, have not yet decided how to use the other ones . . .

  2. Oh your jay is so expressive Els, just beautiful. And what amazingly good eco prints, did you use wool or linen? Or perhaps something else? They are a marvelous base for stitching aren't they?

    1. ((Kat)) there are so many wonderful birds, especially now on the bird feeders ! So . . . there is a to-do-list for more !
      I'm thrilled I finally know how to get good prints ! The narrow strips are on silk noil (was in my stash) and the (A4) one is linen. (wasn't sure if it was or if it was cotton, but that would never have taken good prints) I'll post the stitched one next :-)

  3. Gut Ding will Weile haben !
    Ich denke, mit diesen Drucken bist du zufrieden. Freue mich schon, was du wie weiterverarbeitest.
    Liebe Grüße

    1. ((Angela)) ich bin SEHR zufrieden :-) Da werden bestimmt (wahrscheinlich aber im Sommer, mit frische Blätter) mehr folgen !

  4. Proszę, napisz coś więcej o eko, bo ja też mam nieudane początki. Każdy kryje to wiedzę jako tabu.

    1. Please Elisabeth send me an email at
      (ha, I know how frustrating that can be !)