vrijdag 20 mei 2011

boy o boy ....

It was a hell of a day
This whole day and this evening we have been on our knees :
that was only
because of the  big  felt work in progress!
(and we are by far not finished)

Daughter had made the huge ring of sunrays in two halves of pre-felt

I cut out the ring with a duplicated pattern
and daughter did the details on moon and sun with a felting needle

Then we stitched the parts together on the big base of pre-felt

Then came the tricky bit :
two layers of wool tops that had to move under the sunrays !

Did we have enough of this or that colour ?

(though scarcety makes inventive)


(and in between there were children to and from and to school again
lunch, swimming lesson, dinner ...)

.... and tonight again on our knees


felting is fun!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow that looks pretty amazing! I love it!
    These colors are so vibrant! Your poor knees!

  2. Oh your poor knees! But it's so beautiful - work on a grand scale is a pleasurable challenge. (And so good to work with your girl, I am sure)!

  3. WoW, that is one fantastic piece of art!!! What a treasure!!!!!!!! I miss making art with my daughter and granddaughter!

    ;-) Debi

  4. Wow! That is one amazing piece of work.

  5. Oh Els, ihr seid so ein tolle Team! Großartig!