woensdag 18 mei 2011


This is about w.i.p.s
Ofcourse :  most of the time it's about work in progress here ...
That way you can see how things develop and grow,
that's more fun
then showing just a finished product.
(At least that's how I think about it)
So : Work In Progress
But this time it isn't mine, but daughter's !
(By the way : she's the one who got me hooked on felting)

This is the beginning of some serious felting !
a  big  project
2 x 2 metre
so there's no room on the table

First some pre-felt is made
on the drawing that is on the floor

And another part ...

This is the first time she works that big
(but there's a first time for everything)

Although she can work very small too :

The frog for instance is less than 4 cm !
so :
... other work in progress ...

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