donderdag 19 mei 2011

square moon

The piece that I'm working on
for the Sun / moon / stars Whispering
is slowly getting to it's end.

But sometimes the stitching isn't easy !
Because some of the indigo fabric is very densely woven.
On top of that (literally) is the nine patch of the square moon,
so then there are about six layers ...
sometimes a pair of tongs is the only way to get the needle through.

In a thrift shop I found this beautiful blue hanky
that I immidiately planned for the backing as soon as I saw it.
It is very thin so I must think of a way to use it :
probably with another layer behind it
(then I could even cut out the middle part ...)

still a lot of stitching to do
(ánd I need to find a place for my magic thread)

(Tomorrow I will be assisting daughter with her big felt)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh WOW, but so worth it! It's gorgeous!!!!

    ;-) Debi

  2. the moon is splendid, i really stay away from that dense cloth... i hate when the needle gets stuck like that.

  3. just wonderful! so much movement of the clouds and the moon - well i wish i had thought of it first.