vrijdag 27 mei 2011

too many

What happens if you have
too many ideas
Most of the time you end up doing nothing at all.

There is my "square moon" to take care of,
there is a new felt-fabric to make,
there are the new fabric pieces from Jude, 
there are at least four "woven" pieces
including the background of last years "August" journal-quilt
and there are even some "beasts" left-overs.
But where to start ???
So :

I did some felting !
(that makes sence, doesn't it?)

I needed a little bag for my cards and I used the template I made
before when I made a little bag for daughter's cards

I think the little envelope goes well with my "fiberrainbow"
(the greens and turquoise are on the back)

And while I was at it I went on making a cuff

which is drying right now.

I also got some pieces from my stash of silk (from my silk-painting days)
to take with me to the dyeing workshop by Pam de Groot in July.

So , did my to-do list get any shorter ?
I think not

(Daughter called from the Festival:
she is having a good time, and everybody loves the "Sun Moon" rug!)

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  1. too many ideas...that sounds familiar. gorgeous felting fibers. and am not surprised that everyone loved the sun/moon rug. it was beautiful.