donderdag 9 juni 2011

...I wonder ...

Yesterday there were two lovely sisters
(no not mine)
who wanted to know a bit about patchwork and quilting.
We had a busy day
with a lot of talking, showing, explaining
and ofcourse stitching !!!
a lunch break, and more stitching !
They went home satisfied and I think there will be at least one
who will continue stitching

The garden had a much needed shower
so at the moment it is very

(.... and other colours ofcourse ...)


At last .....
I started some shibori stitching !

While I was going through my stash for the dyeing wokshop
with Pam de Groot in July, I found some lovely thin
white curtains (IKEA ... bought a long time ago)
After washing and ironing I tore them up in not too narrow strips.
Then I looked for Natima's tutorial on the stitching.
(She and Glennis Dolce are back from their trip to Japan !)

what a lot of work !!!

And the next step : the dyeing....
I have some pre-reduced Indigo
(but have never used it before)

... I wonder .....

Another try-out : 
after seeing beautiful purple stains on silk
on Jude's blog ánd after studying a bit in India's Eco-dyeing book :

....I wonder ....

what will become of this ?
(time will tell !)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. oooh, i can't wait. i bundled some purple oxalis on silk today. it's steaming on the stove right now.

  2. Hi, Els - I am also very inspired to use flower petals for bundling, and have that on my mind to do tomorrow or Sunday. The lupine are in full bloom here and very tempting. Thanks for the added inspiration! xxoo - sus