woensdag 1 juni 2011


Hi there, June

 June ?
where did May go ???
(rushing by in a hurry and a load of work)
Oh  no, when I think carefully : May is when the garden
is exploding into colour
and that I  didn't miss!

And it was Jude's "Whispering Sun, moon, stars" month
which I immensly enjoyed !

I picked up my "square moon" cloth again.
The thrift shop hanky was nice and thin, but I put some
batting and backing to it
and pinned the square moon on top.
All in all it has a nice feel now
and it is stable enough to do some more stitching.

I want to incorporate the dark colours of the square moon
into the light blue of the hanky

so the motives are kind of spilling over into the light blue border.

(I thought of adding a sun ....
but now I think I stick to the moon and lots of stars
... and keep the sun for the next cloth ...)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. so soft, the blue cloth; what kind of flower with all the purple stars?

  2. Hello Els, I haven't visited here for a while. You have been busy! I love your square moon cloth, and I especially love your felt/fabric pieces! They are wonderful! What a lovely gift your daughter made for you with the hundred squares. And your garden looks amazing.

  3. Your stitching is very beautiful, particularly your placement of stitched lines, and those little circles. Thanks for coming to visit.