woensdag 15 juni 2011

a present

When I got home from some shopping yesterday
my garden friend (one of the "quilt sisters") had dropped of a present
quite a heavy one, to be honest !

Two giant garbage bags, though not filled with trash :
there was some big Polygonatum (Salomon's seal),
Verbena hastata and a giant Thallictrum !!!
(one sister is leaving the country, so her garden is emptied by garden friends)

As I have a small garden (which is already overflowing ...)
I had to make some space for these lovely newcomers !!!

That wasn't easy,
but there are always some plants
that get the benefit of the doubt for some time.
when something else comes along ...

So I had to do a lot of thinking today
then a lot of digging,
and filling wateringcans,
and filling holes.
but fun !

And ofcourse there were also some creatures to watch
this tiny toad
(there are bigger ones too)
and in the water  

this Great crested grebe

that had a hard time swallowing his/her big-fish-lunch

(Tonight full moon : hope there are no clouds like yesterday)

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  1. what a beautiful day in the garden, and so many creatures. that frog is so tiny...