zondag 21 april 2013

another week

Sometimes, time goes by so quickly it seems,
that it's hard to keep track 
of all the things 
you did

There was this lovely day on Tuesday
when I went to the Boijmans Museum in Rotterdam, 
with my dear friend M.
as my birthday present 

Craftsmanship and artists through time 

Oooooh ... so many beautiful items.
if you can !
The garden is beginning to look blue again
with the sunshine we have
(from time to time)

I started some flower petals 
for my Boro jacket
(on the machine !)

... so not every piece of fabric I use is blue ...

And of course I have been stitching tiny stitches


that was the week that was

3 opmerkingen:

  1. So glad to think of you enjoying the museum as a birthday treat, Els.
    You continue to weave your rainbow magic in your boro - lovely!

  2. Els you are teasing us! More detail! I love the idea of the flower petals. Hmmm, now considering whether to add some motifs to the rectangles I am stitching on at present .....not sure...... Lx