zondag 28 april 2013

felting-exchange and ... the BOOK

It has been a busy month in certain ways
(not always concerning textiles)
But when you have lots of things you have to give your attention to,
other things remain undone :
like : my felt-exchange piece for this month
(it will be the first thing I do
after my boro jacket is finished)

I, on the other hand, recieved my felted "sunny" piece !

Thank you Jolan !!!
(a very appropriate photo was there to accompany it!)

On Friday we brought my quilt to Gouda
(in the rain, so no sight-seeing)
and I could take a look into the new book !
Then the next day a packet came,
there it was :
the BOOK 

 a wonderful cover with work of Willy Doreleijers

(a peek inside  ...  ;-) ...)

Ha, the next "stop" is May 1 in Arti Legi 
(Markt 27,  Gouda)
the most wonderful building 
for all this fine work !
(mmmmmmm, I'm very proud indeed)

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