donderdag 25 april 2013

boro, nearly there

Stitch by stitch
my Boro jacket is getting to the end,
"the end" that I think is the end

Originally boro is a kind of mending
old valued textile pieces.
To see some real boro, you have to look
(he has a gallery in New York, USA, 
were he has lots of antique Japanese textiles)

Of course you've realized by now my Boro isn't about mending
it's more about decoration, embellishment.

A certain kind of applique is used by Nadia 
She is a blogging friend I found (most probably ... I'm not quite sure ...)
through one of Jude Hill's classes.
I asked Nadia if I could try "her" technique 
on my jacket ...
She said I could !

So here is the result Nadia 

(still busy in the garden in the warm sunshine)

... and done !

Ha, I found another spot, at the bottom of the front 
that I wasn't very happy with :
so there will be a bit more "needle turn applique"

The rain on Tuesday gave a wonderful sight in the garden :

thousands of tiny droplets everywhere !

On Wednesday night we had a wonderful show in Rotterdam Luxor by 
Karin Bloemen 
O boy, she can sing
... ánd she's funny too !
(it was a special show about the 125 year old theatre Carré in Amsterdam :
lots of famous diva's were impersonated by "La Bloemen" )

Late this evening I had to go behind my sewing machine :
I couldn't find the slipcover for the quilt
that is selected for the new book :

I have to bring the quilt to Gouda tomorrow,
where next Wednesday on May 1 the book is presented
and the exhibition starts !

(I'm thrilled !!!)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh wow loving that lovely spirally appliqué - you have given me the glimmerings of an idea! I still have quite a long way to go with my "Boro" Jacket. When you decide that, finally, you have finished, do take lots of photos - details and full jacket views. So exciting! Lx

  2. So exciting about the exhibition. I plan to go and see all the beatiful art quilts and tell my mother about it . She was a very traditional quilter x

  3. Wie weet ontmoeten wij elkaar eens. Ik ga woensdag 1 mei naar het symposium en de opening van de expositie in Gouda. Ben heel nieuwsgierig naar jou art quilt!

  4. How wonderful
    And I well deserved honor!
    congratulations Els!
    (And on completing your jacket boro - lovely!)

  5. Hi, Els. Beautiful jacket and I'm delighted to see your use of the needle turn appliqué. Very fun! When are you going to show a photo of you in it? And congrats on having your quilt in a book, too.
    best, nadia