zaterdag 13 april 2013

felting Friday and spinning Saturday

Yesterday I had such a lovely day :
a felting Friday with a dear friend !
we did a lot of talking,
did a little bit of felting,
had a lovely lunch,
and did móre talking
ideas and possibilities and deliberations

by far not finished !!!

We also enjoyed the birds on the bird feeder

(they're só happy it's still full)
and there were some special (in advance) 

birthday presents !!!
(sweet pea seedlings, real gingerbread from the UK,
and the beeeaaauuutiful Kidsilk Haze Stripe yarn)
Thanks Jane !

Today was spinning Saturday
Noooooooooo !
not for me, but for daughter
She enjoyed her "own day" very much

while I enjoyed baby sitting 
(almost 11 months now, and showing two of his six teeth !)

Tomorrow will be a sunny day !

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy birthday. I like babys,she is fanderful

  2. An excellent day was enjoyed by all - for all sorts of reasons! What a beautiful boy! Lx

  3. Nog van harte Els! En wat een lieverd met die tandjes... en die knuistjes, zucht :-D...