zaterdag 29 juni 2013

sun, moons .... and felting-exchange

Ever so  s l o w l y 
things take shape on my SUN piece.
Thinking about what colours extra to add
(or not)
Thinking about other forms to add :
there will most probably be a lot more moons
(some with faces, but not yet)

Moons ..... three in a row dyed by Jude

Silk scraps I purchased from Heike (a long time ago)
are going to cover part of the sun,
giving it sun spots 


Almost the end of June, means to make haste 
with my assignment for the felting-exchange !
(so no Stitch'nBitch for me today)
The theme was just colours for this person :
purple, green, turquiose.

The top layer with some silk scraps, some prepared purple points
and a purple bottom layer.

Making tiny holes in the top layer to push the points trough (not easy) 
and then, as always : (gentle) rolling, rolling, rolling .....

my finished piece
(which is in the mail right now)

(Ha, Man gave them names like  the "cols" (mountains) in France :
the "Tour de France" started today, and he loves to watch that on TV .....
so maybe the "Polka Dot Jersey" (Bolletjestrui)  for me ?)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. love those moons peeking out that space. and those purple points are amazing. i can't imagine how you packed that for mailing.

  2. To me it is a fantasy landscape with tall fir trees. I love the colors as always, Els!