woensdag 30 oktober 2013

another one ....

The "felting exchange" (viltketting
with the ladies I met at Sara Lechner's workshop
that lasted a full year and ended last August,
was a lot of fun.

So, when I stumbled on another one
a bit different, but nevertheless a felting exchange,
I didn't hesitate long to participate.
For the tenth time (!)
Tanja, of the "Amore Fecit" blog, organizes this.

She asks you to make a felted item 5 times
(the theme is FLOWERS this year)
and send them to her, 
with a description how you did it, so that others can learn from it.
In the end you get 5 different items 
and a booklet with all the descriptions !
What a fun idea is that !!!

Though I had a lot of other thing planned
I started right away with a proto-type
and than I made the other ones.

The little ball I did with a felting needle first, so I could fasten it to the "stem" more easily

Voilá : a little bell shaped flower
with a key ring inside
(for a very special key, or, if you don't like that,
you can still use it as egg warmer ... ;-) ...)

They are all dry now and ready to send them to Tanja


10 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh my goodness, your felted flowers are gorgeous!

  2. Mooie bloemen Els.
    Ik zit bij de brievenbus:)

  3. Fantastic work, so clever! :)
    Jess x x

  4. Your felting is so fantastic! Love the bell shaped flowers. So real and adorable!

  5. These sunny colored blossoms make me forget that winter is coming, Els!

  6. Oh, Els wat zijn ze leuk! In deze barre natte stormachtige tijden laat je me even aan de lente denken, heerlijk, was het maar vast zo ver.

  7. Beautiful :)
    They remind me of Fox Glove Flowers :)

  8. Els...!!!! could one of these be made large enough for a HAT for a
    little girl? a baby girl?????????