zaterdag 19 oktober 2013


The technique on my new embellisher
isn't going very smooth yet
but I like it 
(though it's still a lot of trial and error)

tiny clippings of  felt will be incorporated
in the needle felted piece

Sara Lechner suggested synthetic felt and burn it with a soldering iron,
but I have only 100% woolen felt
(that's what I like best)
and I used a very old "buttonhole scissors"
that was once my mother's.
(Ohhhh .... I admire Rob Ryan's paper cutouts even móre now) 

Here it is : 
with the screw you can even adjust the length of the cut.

I started with the rusty squirrel 
and let the two angels wait a bit 
(there is still time for them)

Squirrel finished
(with magic thread in place)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. oh what a nice idea...those cutouts. i know they are tedious and take being very attentive to achieve perfect cuts. you did a great job.

  2. Lovely, Els, very labour intensive! I have a new post waiting to be 'published' with a photo of your lovely mandala Probably post it later today. Very unusual for me to have one written and waiting!! Hope you are well, our weather is now really autumnal and rather dreary!

  3. Wow, that looks incredible beautiful.

  4. What fabulous cut-outs, Els. I think I see Christmas coming into view with some of these designs. The little squirrel is charming! xxxooo, sus
    ps thank you so much for the email - I will be sending a reply

  5. Oh Els, schon wieder eine neue Technik! Den Filz so gut ausschneiden ist sicher ganz schön schwierig..aber das ergebnis wunderschön!
    Liebe Grüße


  6. I love those! The cutout parts are so compelling to me -

  7. Looks beautiful!
    I'll have to try this when I get back home !
    I'm staying at my mums there huge bush fires going through the Blue Mountains at the moment lots of people are getting out untill thing settle down I packed a few thing including the mandala.