donderdag 24 oktober 2013

let's fly away

I know,
it's still a long time ...
but my first angel is ready to fly away.

In the last photo 
you can see very well what the embellisher does :
the fibres of the yellow triangles migrate 
through the blue wool ánd the dotted fabric to the back

"Catching stars"

Some Noro yarn was needle felted with the embellisher,
some stitches and French knots with self striping sock yarn,
a bit of magic thread
and twelve very old mother-of-pearl buttons
complete the work.
( 20 cm x 20 cm )
Later on I will sew it on a painted canvas.

In the garden I found something odd / special :
at least four years ago I bought ánd planted some saffron crocuses
To my regret I never saw any of them !

untill today !!!
Here was  one  saffron crocus
and another, withered one, I apparently missed !

When I picked that one up :

it stained my fingers bright orange !!!
(hmmmmmm ... probably not enough to eco-dye ???)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. The little cloth is lovely, Els...the colors are perfect...

  2. Ha, diesen Safran-Krokus hatte ich auch schon mal hoffnungsfroh im Garten verbuddelt- und nie wiedergesehen...da besteht ja jetzt wieder Hoffnung???
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Dziękuję za odwiedziny. Myślałam, że do mnie nie zaglądasz i dlatego nie komentowałam.
    Jestem zachwycona Twoimi haftami, szczególnie urzekły mnie meduzy.

  4. I love the dotted fabric from the backside!!! ..."still a long time.."?? It´s never too early (or too late:-) for an angel! Great orange..!