woensdag 16 oktober 2013

new toy .... new exhibition

Ooooh ... it took me a   l o n g   time
but I finally bought 
an embellisher !

It's more than a year ago 
that I visited the workshop with Sara Lechner
She started as a quilter
but switched  to work with the embellisher
You can also use a simple felting needle
(or "Clover" felting tool)
but the embellisher does the job a lot easier !
It looks a lot like the simplest of sewing machines,
though you use no thread,
just wool rooving 
(and all kinds of other materials)

My studio assistant was having fun with the box ...

... and this swimming lady was my third try
(the first and the second ended up in the bin
hmmmm  ... I had forgotten much ...)
The size of this ??? ... very small
I usually photograph all things lying on the floor :
the boards are about 7 cm wide.

Onto the next

( broke the first needle ! there are five in the needle head ....
the needles have to be moving fast before you start moving your work !!! )

"mother and child"
machine or hand stitching is next

Tomorrow starts in Veldhoven, near Eindhoven, the show of the 

The author of our book "Art quilts in Nederland"
asked some of us to participate in another exhibition during the OEQC show.

The very talented collegue / friend Sary Maas 
brought her own work ánd my "I want to break free" pink torso to Veldhoven.
Man and me go to the show on Sunday 
and afterwards take the work home again.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. congrats on the embellisher. i have had one for several years and haven't played with it in awhile. i have broken several needles but the machine works fine with less than the 5 until i get time to replace it. mine also has 5 needles, i think, or maybe it's 6. there are machines with 12 needles, i hear. i love your mother and child with the lace. and yes, a child only needs the box to be happy.

  2. Dear Els - I am so glad that the Pink Torso, I want to Break Free, is getting to break free at an exhibit. You deserve a treat, and so I am also glad about your new embellisher. Have fun with both, the trip to the exhibit with Man and the new machine. Best wishes, sus

  3. Oh, wat prachtig allemaal, vooral de moeder (Maria) met kind. Is een embelisher het zelfde als een punchmachine? Leuk dat jouw werk in Veldhoven komt te hangen. Een vriendin van mij heeft er ook werk hangen, Jeannet Hazelbag, misschien kom je haar wel tegen.

  4. so cute...the sweet boobies of the mermaid <3 ..and lovely Maria!