zondag 22 december 2013


That's what I was, after two days Christmas Fair.
(though Man helped me all the time)

(HA ... b.t.w. walking goes better now :
today without any help of the crutch !)

The start at Friday morning

My lottery for "3FM Serious Request" went well 

I will send the money tomorrow
(though it was not as much as last year)
The "request" is this year for money for the Red Cross 
to try banish diarrhea out of the lives of small children in Africa
because of the lack of clean drinking water

(money raised till Sunday night  : € 4.328.242,- )

The boy Finn was the winner
who guessed the right amount of origami cranes in the bowl !

There were 
(folded by our two big grandchildren,
who didn't know how many there were either,
because I had a lot of cranes everywhere in the house
which they had made months ago  ;-)  !)

Tomorrow the felted "Rainbow bird"
will go to Finn
(I phoned his mum today)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Great photo of you in your booth! Hope you sold a lot of your fabulous art. Happy Holidays! xo

  2. Your booth looked GREAT, Els! Rest up now, Christmas Day is almost here. Love from sus

  3. Oh wat ziet je kraam er geweldig leuk en kleurig uit!
    Mooie spullen allemaal, als een mens daar nog niet hebberig van wordt....;-)

  4. wonderful to see you in your booth with all the beautiful work.

  5. all such a Rainbow, Els...really beautiful...l love looking at all....

  6. Wunderbare Dinge hast du gemacht, liebe Els! Ich sehe da Zauberhaftes an deinem Stand! Lass Dich nicht entmutigen!
    Viele herzliche Grüße