woensdag 18 december 2013

last minute things !

That's what I'm busy doing right now !!

Stitching beads (and safety pins) on flowers.

Sewing on buttons.

Stitching book covers.

Finishing bags :
I thought I'll use a simple method,
but in the end it turns out to be not simple at all  !
(I don't think I will stitch felted bags together ever again)

Stuffing fishes.
("gefillte Fisch")

Man decided to make stained-glass stars.

Though it was extra workload for me, 
I stitched them this time on the machine
and Man burned them,
outside :

I had to make another "beast"
though nót from the sea this time :

Iiiiieeeeeee .... I like him 

And today on tóp of all the other things 
(I really couldn't help myself)
I made a little (very rare)
"Rainbow bird"

for my lottery at the Christmas Fair
this Friday and Saturday !


Little grandson had some fun too

(I still need that one from time to time)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. your blog posts are always full of such beautiful and colorful surprises. it's so wonderful that both you and your man are so creative. your little grandson is a treasure.

  2. OK now I love the owlie best! Such fun seeing what you are doing!!

  3. Rainbow Bird, I love you!!! (Owl, too)!
    xxoo, sus

  4. Love everything here, Els - including that little sweetie-poppet with your walking stick! How clever of you to make the bird - I have seen them on pinterest but would not be attempting them myself! Clever old you! (And slow down a little, down't tire yourself out!!) Lxx