zondag 8 december 2013


Normally the 5th of December is a fun day in the Netherlands,
we celebrate "Sinterklaas" : a real feast for the children
(who get lots of presents )

This year it was nót such a fun day ..... in the morning :
I fell of the stairs, at home ...
just three steps
but that was enough for so much pain
that I couldn't get up again.
In the hospital 
it turned out that nor pubis neither pelvis were broken

At home again Man got the chair with little wheels downstairs
(that normally stands in front of the computer) 
so now I'm carting around on or behind it
(I went upstairs on my bum to get here) 

Luckily daughter and the three grandchildren 
came down to us 
(instead of the other way round)

Hurray ..... we still could celebrate !!!

misfortune seldom comes alone :
the next day, two grandchildren and I got the flu !
Before all this ... I had started with the seahorse and fish
for the Chistmas Fair

It's fun to see how much felt shrinks, by looking at the two fish

almost dry ... ánd the same size

Today I just felt a bit better,
ate something
felted another sea horse 
(sitting on a chair and wheeling around to collect the stuff I needed)

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, I'm sorry you (and yours) have not been feeling well! The wheelie chair was sure a good idea though! Love the fun fish :)

  2. Sorry for your mishap and the flu -- bummer in spades. Feel better soon, so you can enjoy the holidays! xo

  3. sending healing wishes. wonderful that you still celebrated with family.

  4. I'm so glad you weren't broken. Also I love your sea creatures!! My friend and I joked about making felted fish, and calling them Gefelted Fish (which is a pun on gefilte fish that is made for a Jewish holiday.)

  5. My sympathy to you dear friend, and I am breathing a sigh of relief that you were not broken only bruised it sounds. Sending hugs (gentle ones) and good wishes, sus

  6. Sorry to hear about your accident , I hope you get better quickly x

  7. Oh dear! But glad you're on the mend...take care, Els...

  8. Jakkes Els wat een boel narigheid tegelijk!
    Ik hoop dat je gauw weer 'geheeld' bent ....
    Je viltwerk is in ieder geval schitterend geworden!
    Voorzichtig aan op die rollende stoel ;), beterschap, groetjes van Mirjam.

  9. I hope you recover quickly.......relieved to read it wasn't worse!!

  10. My dear Els, I am so sorry that you hurt yourself - let's just be thankful nothing was broken. But you could have chosen a better time to get poorly! Hope you are all fine for Christmas. And I love love love those fishies! xx