vrijdag 14 maart 2014

sun .... ? (14 - 3 - 14)

Sun or no sun
what a big difference it makes.
The last few days were really spring days :
warm sunshine and and new colours in the garden.
bluuuuuues !
And fresh greens (daslook)
so fresh and green you could eat them ...
and that I did !
Last year I learnead from Lynne of the Textile Treasury blog (UK)
that she found lots of this plant along the road
(I think she called it bear leek)
which tastes like garlic 
She made pesto with it and put it in a salad
the morning started gray and rather cold
but what a special sight it was
LOTS of spiders had been very busy !
There even was a magpie
that didn't flew off the minute I took my camera
like aaaall the others did !!!
Ha! no wonder : he didn't see me :
I took the picture from the kitchen window,
he was on the other side of the street !
But there is always a little Rainbow very near 

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Els! BAck again! Yes, the leaves belong to the wonderful Wild Garlic also called Ramsons, and I did indeed use a lot of it for herb butter, and pesto and ...... all kinds if things! I am looking forward to picking the laves again this spring! Lxx

  2. Are the yellow flowers daffodils?
    I love the little ones rainbow jacket, Lou had one very similar which I have packed a way for Sian.