maandag 17 maart 2014

40 !

These last weeks I've been busy,
but nothing of that ever appeared here
because it was a secret !
Today daughter celebrates a special bithday :
*  40  *
Oh my ... 
yes, that means :
 I've grown forty years older as well,
since that sunny Spring day she was born !
No, the time didn't pass in the blink of an eye,
we've had lots of wonderful times together
(and some not so wonderful, but that's life)
and she "gave us" also three wonderful grandchildren.
These wet (!) felted cats were one of her presents today
They are look-alikes of her own two Birma cats
(that stay at our house at the moment)
I made them with a PDF tutorial
I bought from my German blogging-friend Gabi
her felted animals are awesome !!!
But there was another present.
(I did this before, for two friends : and it was always a big succes !)
I had a little heart-shaped book
and asked a lot of family and friends to write / draw
something for her in it.
The book started its journey
but very soon I realized it wouldn't be finished in time,
if it was really sent to every person on the list.
So I started sending out double pages
to people who lived far away,
and asked them to return the finished page to me,
that helped a lot !
Ha, it was so special to recieve an envelope and open it !
But you can't imagine how many people thought
they weren't "creative"  enough ...
but let me tell you :
all the pages were special !!!
Then ...
the little book started to loose pages like leaves in autumn
I finally solved the problem by buying a good sketch book
from my art supplies shop
and swithched the pages into that ... saved
pffffffffft !
A random selection of the pages
(so don't believe it when people say they're not creative)
Instead of drawing  I did some (thin) stitching
(which I had to hide when daughter payed us
an unexpected visit)
The fun part (for me) is
that there are bits and pieces of far-away blogging friends in it
(thank you Jude, Eva, Sus and Heike)
It was really a special gift !
I want to deeply thank all those people who participated
to make it a succes

10 opmerkingen:

  1. I must share with you....I've never worried about my age......but when our son turned 40 last year.....well.....that definitely got my attention!

  2. Happy birthday to your daughter :)
    I love the hearts you made and the book what a fabulous idea!
    I'm sure she will love that!

  3. Opps!!!!!!!
    I forgot about the cats, they look amazing give those beautiful cats a cuddle for me ;)

  4. Allereerst van harte gefeliciteerd!!
    En wat een gave cadeaus heb je gemaakt, zo bijzonder....
    Het hart dat je maakte vind ik ronduit geweldig !! Er valt zoveel in te zien...
    Liefs van Mirjam.

  5. Happy birthday dear El's Daughter! The little cats are WONDERFUL!!!
    xxoo, sus

  6. such lovely kitties!! i had never seen such work done by wet felting...usually by needle felting. i'm intrigued! i can almost hear them purr...

    love the hearts, too! a very, very happy birthday to your daughter!

  7. What a lovely thing to make such a book . I like the cats as well !!

  8. How wonderful, Els! My boys are 40 as well, so you and i have seen a lot of water under the bridge (I hope that translates well into Dutch!!) And i LOVE your gift for your lucky daughter, especially that wonderful heart. Hope the day went well. Lx