woensdag 19 maart 2014

... the quick brown fox ...

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
what an amazing sentence this is !
And who ever invented it ???
I remember when I first saw it
(waaaaaaaaay back in highschool probably)
I could hardly believe
that all the letters of the alphabet
are in such a short sentence !
(ha, check for yourself, if you don't believe me)
Here is another brown fox (though not so quick)
still soapy and wet
but nearly finished !
Making daughters wet felted cats was so much fun
that I couldn't wait to give it another go 
a fox this time.
(though Gabi's PDF is for cats,
a fox should be made in a similar way)
I love foxes
I love the way they walk, love their wit, love their colour.
I know : when you have a farm with chickens,
you probably don't love foxes.
It's a predator no doubt,
but lots of other beautiful animals are.
"The making of the fox" .....  with an interested spectator ...
(ah, the white blob on Bagheera's face was a spec of soap on the lens)
It'a a challenge to get two equally large ears !
Although I didn't have any black "Bergschafwolle"
the dark gray colour with which I " built" the frame
worked well enough
Here he is (or she) rinsed, dried in a towel, shaped again
and waiting till he's totally dry.
(Then the last akward job : making the nose mouth and eyes !
with a felting needle this time)

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Your fox is lovely. I made a needle felted fox a few years ago it was fun to make.
    It looks like you had a little helper :)

  2. Such a good fox, looks just like one, very impressive

  3. Der Fuchs bleibt bestimmt nicht lange alleine, oder?
    Viele liebe Grüße


  4. Foxes are one of my favorite animals, Els. They are found in my parent's suburban Denver neighborhood, often basking in the sun on the patio!
    xxoo, sus

  5. Prześliczny i bardzo autentyczny.

  6. Els!, your felting work is really WONDER FUll...the Fox!, and i love
    the little square garden ....wonderful wonderful stuff!!

  7. very lovely! I'm curious to see him finished!
    warm greetings, from the Parisian foxes too!