woensdag 26 maart 2014

felting exchange

I know. I'm a bit late,
but right now my March assignment
for the felting-exchange is finished.
I must say it was a funny theme
to make a little felt about ...
"tidy up"
"clear away"
On top of that : I must confess :
I'm a no-good tidy up person !!!
I'm very good at making a mess,
but rather lousy in clearing things away
(ask my dear husband and he totally agrees with me on this)

So I decided to make something with two sides :
one : a mess,
the other : tidied up

As you can see (I hope) I started with the tidied-up side
(the mess lies next to it)
Then I covered it with white, the next layer was gray,
and on top of that the "mess"
Loops and free standing parts on this side
"order" on the other side 
It wasn't a simple one this time I think,
I hope Anneke likes it.
(I think I like the messy side best  ;-) !) 
Tomorrow it will go in the mail
(with some extra precautions to keep the "mess"
nicely standing up, instead of lying flattened out in the envelope)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm a tidy person but I love the jumble of colour on the left! The tidy side of your felt is beautifully arranged by shape and colour, a lovely composition. What an interesting project! Xx

  2. I have so many small leftover pieces......thank you for providing inspiration about what to do with them!!!

  3. My dearest,

    I fully agree with your own comments as far as tidyng up is concerned
    but a combination of your need to prepare things with tidying up would be magical

    wit love
    your husband