dinsdag 22 april 2014

a fun day

the Easter Bunny had a lot of fun
hiding the chocolate eggs,
this time for real.
Though there were drops of rain through the day
that didn't interfere
with the "big search"
For the little one it was all new
and he didn't quite understand what
big sister and big brother were doing all the time :
he liked his little basket
but didn't want anything in it
and threw the egg out as soon as
it was put in his basket.
Mister Bunny had an easy job hiding the eggs :
the garden is lush and green already.
HA !
you may not see his face clearly
but due to the raindrops
a slug
had climbed on top of one of the eggs
After the first bite
the little one liked what "Easter eggs" tasts like.
Today I received my next
piece of the felting-exchange
Ahhh, so sorry it doesn't fit my wrist ...
It came with a lovely card in colour
Thanks very much Joke !
(my own piece I'll have to send  this month
is a bit late due to the nasty encounter with the knife,
but will now soon be ready)

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  1. Happy belated birthday!!!!! :)
    You have such a beautiful garden it that a pond in your backyard?
    We had a Easter egg hunt here too!