woensdag 9 april 2014

stitch and ..... ?

Sometimes all the other plans are going on hold
when something else jumps to my mind :
I thought ...
I needed to make something special
for a special friend.
Though I had serious felting plans for today,
this project came up
and got priority.
 A tiny sketch is most of the time enough for me
After that I made a new stash
of "wonder-undered" polyester velvet.
(first time round I didn't heat up the iron enough
or didn't stay on the stuff long enough to make
the wonder-under (vliesofix) stick ...
btw : always use baking paper to avoid
nasty things happening to your iron !) 
After all the preparatory steps
the stitching is the really fun part !
This is the back side
The stitching is done
and you know what ?
I really don't know yet if I will burn this one too
(and no overall view,
this will be in the mail soon
and when it arrived safely
you'll see)
And now I'm off to my mandala evening


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