donderdag 3 april 2014

spring days

Yes, these are wonderful spring days
and we have to make the most of it
(while they last  ;-) ... )
So, after daughter and little grandson
picked me up this morning
we went to the local yarn shop to do some knitting
with a lot of others ...
(a lot of talking, knitting, crochet-along
coffee, tea and sweet stuff
and a quiet little boy getting lots of attention) 
.. and on my way home
I made a little detour
in our lovely surroundings.
Rapeseed colours the roadsides beautifully bright yellow

And these windmills (21 together on a rather small spot)
attract lots of tourists from all over the world
when the weather is good
(and even when the weather's not so good) 
Later in the garden I still had plenty of time
to enjoy the sun and ...
give my second box tree a much needed "haircut"
The Ginkgo is still barren but the Prunus  is a pink joy,
the Malus is almost at his best "red",
and in a week or two the trees on the other side of the water
will totally hide the appartment blocs behind them :
a green oasis

6 opmerkingen:

  1. when I see all that knitting items so colorful makes my heart sing!

  2. Spring is lovely, isn´t it. Even if there was no winter, we can enjoy it....

  3. Lovely pictures, Els! We have been enjoying some lovely spring weather but the ;last couple of days we had the Sahara sand storm and other pollution - my chest was quite bad! xx

  4. A beautiful, peaceful post, Els! You make me want to come to Holland for a holiday and hop on my bike! Thank you for the little virtual retreat!

  5. what beautiful photos of a beautiful day - esp like the long view of the canal.

  6. Wat een heerlijke Hollandsche plaatjes! En wat staat je tuin er mooi bij zeg...
    Groetjes, Mirjam.