maandag 14 april 2014

birthday (14 - 4 - 14)

Ha !
This time the special date
coincides with ...
my birthday
I was awakened by a (creaky) voice singing Happy Birthday
(well, try for yourself, you're probably not a great singer in the morning either)
and a wonderful bunch of flowers
Family and friends visiting
brought lovely presents
(and more flowers !)
Guests for lunch, guests for dinner,
a wonderful day.
It often happens on this day that we can sit outside in the garden,
alas, it was much too cold and windy.
inside the sun was warm !!!
And the little one : 
was playing with everything that was around.
Turning the table upside down is easy,
sitting in it is fun,

getting out again ...
seemed a bit of a problem !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. wishing you a happy birthday. sounds like the day was grand...and yes, 4-14-14 just had to be special. we write it a bit differently here.

  2. van harte meissie! Ook een ram! Ook iemand die van verjaardagen houdt en die ondeugende snuit
    ik zal je mailtje snel beantwoorden......

  3. Belated birthday wishes Els, it sounds like you had a fab day, I have a friend who says if you are happy on your birthday you will be happy for the rest of the year, it sounds like you are in for a good year:)

  4. Very very belated but my best wishes for your birthday.