dinsdag 13 mei 2014

a bright day

Some days are bright
because there is sunshine
But some days are bright
because there is friendship
Today was a friendship day !
My dear blogging friend Mirjam
(though a lot of people refer to her as "Stins")
visited me today.
We had a date before,
but then there were things that came "in between"
so I was glad everything worked out all right today.
She made me this lovely crochet mandala.
The plan was :
to do some wet felting
but first we had coffee and talked a lot.
Daughter came by, to meet Mirjam
and we talked some more.
We looked in the garden
and talked about our gardens and the different plants.
(so talked a lot)
Mirjam (and her two men and cats) moved to a new house last year.
 I then brought her some cuttings from my garden
and now I had some more.
We had lunch
yes ... you can guess what we did.
In the end we had talked an awful lot and had fun
 but ..... there was no time for felting today
(ha : we talked a lot about felting !!!)
When she left, we almost forgot to take
the little plants I had collected for her again,
but just in time she remembered.
We put them in a big plastic box.
I will take that home again,
next time
when I'm visiting her !
THANKS Mirjam,
I had a wonderful bright day !

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Friends - nothing like them, I love my friends and you dear Els I consider to be one of them! Lxxx

  2. Hahaha, ja veel gekletst hè? Maar ik heb een heerlijke dag gehad bij jullie, dankjewel lieve Els!