zaterdag 24 mei 2014

transient beauty

I'm always waiting for some special flowers 
to appear.
They're there one moment
and gone the next.
(well not thát quick of course ...
but in a manner of speaking short-lived)

Papaver orientale
(a perennial plant)

Some years I wait and there's not a flower in sight
but this time :

three beauties together
(and more to come)

For my challenge with the embellisher
I made two more "lines"

(without the string, the kite will fall down / die)

"washing line"

(I did the washing line another time 
because I wasn't satisfied with the first one)

Now waiting for Sara's next instruction, this weekend

9 opmerkingen:

  1. ditto what Connie said ;>]
    I've the apricot-colored ones in my garden and feel the same as you ... one day they're here and shortly it's *poof* .... gone. And I always for them with great expectation.

  2. heerlijk terug gelezen en ja die bloemen hier...zuchtzucht
    love you

  3. Ooh wow, die papavers stelen echt de show, schitterend....
    Fijne zonnige zondag verder Els, liefs van Mirjam.

  4. I love your poppies. There another favourite flower of mine.
    Your little felt pieces amazing what are you doing with them?

  5. Piękne maki i super filcowe miniaturki. Fajny temat.

  6. Lovely flowers, beautiful felting! Lxxx