woensdag 21 mei 2014

more challenge

Although it's already the fourth week
of Sara's challenge
I didn't get around making any new pages.
That's often how it goes :
ideas need some time to stew.
All the "input" has to be turned around and around
in my head, even if I'm not thinking specifically
of making something.

My theme was clear to me 
and I have some little sketches with ideas
but what I'm actually making
can change 

One of the lines I thought about were roads,
railway lines, coast/shore line
so I had an old road map
of which I just snipped off a piece
 to somehow use in a page.

It just so happened to be a part of "Zeeland"
in the South West of our country.

All of a sudden it came to me what to write,
after I made the back 
with a blue piece of wool on the embellisher
and punched the map onto it :

In February 1953 
a violent storm together with spring tide
caused a major flooding in a big part of Holland
especially in Zeeland.
I was almost 6 yaers old and I remember very well, 
how far, even in Rotterdam, the water had risen. 

I also finished another page I had prepared earlier.

First I just made some thin lines in running stitch
before I started "writing" with the machine.

  I "wrote" the same words on a piece of  fabric
that I will use as backing of the page.

The fourth week's instruction was one big letter on a page,
like in a medieval manuscript ...
but in fact I did already 
a big "E" on a page.

(maybe I give it another go)

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