woensdag 14 mei 2014

Ohhh, that moon (14 - 5 - 14)

Yesterday evening
when I shut down the computer
a wonderful full moon shone through the curtains.
I stepped out on the balcony
and tried for the umpteenth time
to take a picture of it
and once more :
nothing good enough to show
(I don't know how other people do it)
It made me want to draw one today instead,
as tonight is our last mandala evening for this season.

I combined it with a bit of garden :
the Allium roseum have spread everywhere
but I don't mind.
I love their delicate withish pink petals
They spread
because (good) bulbs underground do,
but also because they have lots of tiny brood bulbs
at the bottom of the flower cluster
I thought the moon and my Alliums to be an excellent combination
for an extra mandala today

6 opmerkingen:

  1. It was beautiful , I was walking home at 11:00 last night from the station thinking what a beautiful moon tonight ! :-)

  2. Beautiful Els. We waved to the full moon late last night as we walked home from the pub where we had been playing some folk music. Lxx

  3. The picture is beautiful Els and the circular mount is perfect. Our moon was strangely yellow last night. Does all this moon watching make us lunatics?

  4. Beautiful mandala! I love your drawings your such amazing drawer.

  5. Beautiful moon mandala, Els. I love it.