zondag 29 juni 2014

sun - day

The day started with some rain.

Then, the sun came out and I went into the garden
and found the shoes I had been wearing yesterday :
soaking wet on the stairs to the water 

(totally forgot about them after I took them off 
when I came home from the Rotterdam "Stitch")

Some tiny visitors in the garden clearly had enjoyed the rain

a mini toad

We should have gone to visit my brother,
but my sister-in-law was ill.
Instead daughter came by with her youngest
and brought me this wonderful present !

She spun the yarn herself
of lovely soft Icelandic wool.
Love alllll the greens !

And no better way for a child 
than spend a sunny day in the garden with some 
water !


After Jackie (Stitchworks) told me the mandala arrived safely
I now can show all of it

4 opmerkingen:

  1. oh those photos are really going to embarrass your grandson in about 15 years!! :) I love the shawl - your daughter is very talented you must be so proud to have such creative "children".

  2. Die sjaal is mooi geworden!!
    En wat een ontzettend mooie foto's van dat lieve manneke... Het plezier straalt er gewoon vanaf!

  3. Oh Els, I hope your shoes have recovered! And what lovely photographs of your little (not so little now!!) grandchild enjoying the water. I love your latest mandala, the lovely one you did for me has pride of place in my sewing room. Lxxx

  4. As mini toad , how lovely. , I have only ever seen mini frogs , or maybe I just can't see the difference :-)