maandag 4 augustus 2014

back !

We just came back of a lovely holiday
in a wooded part of our country.

We had lots and lots of sunshine
and some big showers 

which caused things like this.

We also visited a very special playground
where all of the grandchildren had the best of time

We also went to a very old (partly rebuild) paper mill
where they had the most wonderful place to air dry the paper


Then, last weekend, 
Daughter, a friend and I had a very special felting workshop
Mmmmmm my head's still buzzing with all the new things !

(later more, still have to sort out the photos)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. ik ben zo benieuwd wat je bij hawar hebt gedaan....
    heerlijk is het daar!

  2. Looks like a grand time! Welcome back, Els.

  3. What a wonderful weekend. Thanks for your email I'm having computer problem. My computer keep crashing!!!!!!! Luckily the iPad ok
    I love your grandson curls my boys had hair like that then they got older and the curls grew out!