vrijdag 14 november 2014

a bit of felting (14 - 11 - 14)

It's been a while since I did some felting for myself.

Now a lovely fine piece of woolen fabric
(which I bought especially for felting)
was lying around, waiting to be used.
The "problem" with nuno felting is 
that the wool fibres must be able to migrate through the fabric.
Sometimes it is easy and the fabric sticks to the wool in no time
sometimes it just takes
a LOT of time.

I wanted to test this fabric before
making something big.

Two very thin layers of wool,
and after rolling a bit I started to stitch circles for the wooden beads,
a kind of "shibori" you could say.

It's important to know how much "disappears" ... and the piece after felting.

Drying, but I still have to get the beads out !
(but I know already that the blue will not be very strong on the inside)

After that I did a second try with a gauzy printed cotton

(With this one I took the beads out immediately)

Well, not entirely satisfied,
but learned some things again 

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  1. wel mooi maar ik weet dat het moeilijk is om dat van jezelf te aanvaarden.....

    liefs en wanneer kom je weer?