zondag 9 november 2014

a (late) exchange

It's been over a week now since I finished
my Pink Ribbon mandala month.
It may sound silly 
but it was a big challenge,
drawing that mandala every day.
And though I really enjoyed every minute of it
it took the wind right out of me
after the month was over ...
I felt a bit like a collapsed soufflé.

There was no energy left for quite some days,
though I'm very happy to tell that
dear husband sold three more mandalas
in his Italian class 

Don't forget :
there are still a few mandalas that are not sold ...
so go over and check out
if there is something nice for you !
(I'll make my donation to Pink Ribbon at the end of the month)

Though there was a little felt to be made 
for the felting-exchange
I could not get started till yesterday
but, it's finished now and goes to Jolan tomorrow !

The theme was 
"spring fever" 
and I planned to make something with daffodils (long ago)

spring fever


And this was the other was the other bit of simple work
that I fancied this last week

(mmmmmm : over 400 stitches now, and counting ...)

Have a good week
and don't forget to check the mandalas
for more donation to Pink Ribbon 

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hallo lieve soufflé ;-), helemaal geen wonder dat je je wat ingezakt voelt!
    Wat een prestatie om elkedag weer zo'n geweldig mooie tekening te maken!
    Ik heb er van genoten en hoop dat er nog een paar verkocht worden....

  2. Oh Els! Schon Frühling??
    Viele liebe Grüße