woensdag 26 november 2014

yes .... still here ...

I know :
it has been very quiet here.
Not a lot of things happening
except for a bit of knitting
(on two projects that should have been finished loooong ago ... )
some reading
and drawing some new mandalas.

the November mandala of our group

and one of the tiniest birds here : the goldcrest

For my Pink Ribbon challenge of last month
we managed to make a donation of
€ 200, -
(we topped it off till this nice round figure)

I sold 14 of my original drawings
(and hope that all the new owners are as happy as I am)

There was only one nasty problem
and something that has never ever happened to me before :
one envelope I send to Germany,
has gone missing 
We waited a long time if it would still arrive
but sadly it didn't !
Though only "the mail" was to blame
I had to find a solution
(and we did .... ha : on the telephone)
I hope this time everything will be allright !

From one of the felters of  the felting-exchange
I got a lovely new red piece

Thanks Margriet
I love the delicate stitching on it !

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